Conservation, Aquatic and Environmental Services

ACC Contracting have a long history of working alone or alongside organisations such as the Environment Agency, Wildlife Trusts, Countryside Ranger services, private landowners and charities to improve habitat for native species, make it inhospitable to invasive / non-native species and improve biodiversity.

Our smaller tractors are ideally suited to work in areas where keeping the impact of machinery to a minimum is preferred.

We routinely undertake cut and clear flail mowing on SSSI’s, nature reserves and private wildflower meadows, removal of non-native plant species via chemical or mechanical control, seed drilling of native wildflower species and other conservation work.

With a background in Fishery Management and Aquaculture, we can offer a varied range of aquatic services, from river, stream and lake bank reinstation and repair, through to pond and lake desilting or dewatering with pumps and vacuum tankers, woody debris installation, pool and riffle creation, pond creation and excavation and maintenance.