Woodland, Forestry and Tree Services

ACC Contracting can offer a range of forestry and tree services.

We can provide small scale forestry and tree clearance with excavators and tree shears and tractors or small scale tree removal / clearance by hand with much smaller equipment whether its the planned removal of problem or windblown trees or the emergency clearance of windblown or dangerous trees.

We can also provide stump grinding, mulching, forestry track clearance, wood chipping, log and firewood splitting and deliveries, aerial tree work, hedge and stump removal and hedge and tree planting. We have several large agricultural tipper trailers and timber trailers which can be supplied for the removal of woodchip, loose timber or timber lengths / trunks from site with or without tractors and timber cranes and timber can be chipped directly into the trailers for collection and removal by us.

Our smaller 40hp and 50hp Compact Tractors can be equipped with loader mounted timber / brash grabs and rear mounted hydraulic or PTO driven winches, mulchers and land rakes for timber clearance, debris clearance and timber extraction with minimal ground disturbance. Our 120hp loader tractors can be equipped with a 10″ PTO driven wood chipper, forestry winches, mulchers, timber trailers and brash grabs to aid with timber extraction and site clearances.